Farmer is an ad for Ram trucks that portrays farmers as hardworking and determined. It goes through the day of a farmer and shows all the hard work they put in and get almost no recognition for. The ad is basically a love letter to farmers and a big thank you without saying it directly. The ad tells the story of how the farmer feeds and cares for the world and goes on to talk about how heart warmed that farmer was to hear that his son wants to be just like him.

The ad is trying to target people who own or tend to a farm. The ad is associating the, with the trucks the ad is trying to sell. it’s trying to get them to buy the product by associating a good farmer with their product. It tells the story of why god created the farmer, encouraging anyone who may be religious by telling them that god created them for the very job they do. The product is advertised to fulfill the need for a reliable truck that said farmer can use to get from place to place.

The ad impacts the public perception of farmers by portraying them as hardworking and determined, showing that their life isn’t easy but that they keep going no matter what happens. It also pushes another idea that is a stereotype, that farmers are religious, while many tend to be, this ad makes it seem like they ball are, association god so closely to them. Overall the message of the ad is pushing us further into the cave, while it may motivate any farmers watching it, it reinforces the stereotypes that all farmers are religious folk who drive trucks. While it’s not the most harmful stereotype it still is one nevertheless.